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Where you tell us what you want to know, and we ramble about it with pretty pictures.

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like Hitched Events has gone and got themselves one of those fancy blogs I have been hearing so much about.

I wonder what they will write about.

– You, 2017

We have no idea yet. You tell us.

– Us, 2017

We’d love to know what you want to read about in this little blog of ours. We want to give you a feast of pretty things, spliced with practical tid-bits. We want you to get value from our blog whether you’re Hitching with us, or not. And, we would LOVE to showcase some of the fun things we have been up to (including some of the less glamourous things we find ourselves doing to make sure everything at your event goes off without a Hitc…wait.).

Now, we must warn you. Hitched Events specialise in two things.

  1.      Fabulous, on-point, soirees in beautiful spaces.
  2.      And, really, really, really atrocious puns.

If you can handle it, please read on.

Since this is the first post, we think it might be a great time to introduce a few of the Hitched team.

Meet Team Hitched
Let's chat...

Ness – Event Lead

Ness is the one you will probably hear from first when you start chatting to us about your event. As our Event Lead, Ness’ day-to-day involves planning, prep, setup, client meetings, and more.

Favourite Event Trend: I can’t get enough of statement lighting and custom signage.

2018 Event Trend Prediction: Lots of Pantone-perfect French blue; more non-traditional bridal/sweetheart tables.

Detail I’m a stickler for: It’s all about the things you don’t see. Horrible creases… differences from setting to setting… some of the weird and wonderful ways we bring everything together behind the scenes… there’s no place for these things in eyeshot of your picture-perfect event – just a polished final look!

I wind down after a big event with… The Barketing Manager, Director of Pawblic Relations and I love heading out in the sunshine with the essentials – a double shot skinny cap and a Frisbee.


Lucas – Business Manager

Lucas deals with the boring numbers stuff. He carries the heavy things, climbs the ladders, and makes sure that we don’t buy every pretty thing we see (just most of it).

Favourite Event Trend: I love non-traditional venues. Houses, fields, art galleries, boats. Get married somewhere a bit weird. We’d love to be there.

2018 Event Trend Prediction: Look up! 2018 will be the year of custom ceilings (fairy lights, festoons and draping). #ceilingthedeal

Detail I’m a stickler for: I can’t go to a setup without 3 tape measures and a string line. Nothing out of place on my watch!

I wind down after a big event with… Is it totally lame to say I wind down by emptying the van, and putting everything away… unless it’s NRL season, in which case, the unpacking can wait until after the match (go the Knights!).

Penny – Decorator/Setup Crew

Penny is our jack-of-all-trades – prep-extraordinaire and setup superstar. She knows our venues and events backwards, and hits the ground running to bring events to life.

Favourite Event Trend: Non-traditional desserts and cakes! I love seeing (and smelling) all of the amazing and different desserts at weddings. Could the donut wall be the best thing to ever happen to weddings? #idonutknow

2018 Wedding Prediction: I think venues with amazing views are going to be even more in next year. Ceremony spaces with incredible backdrops, and receptions with balconies overlooking the city – incredible!

Detail I’m a stickler for: A bit of everything. The final walk through to check everything is in place is my domain!


Sup-paw-t Crew

And I suppose it’s only right to introduce the real stars behind Hitched Events – our Fur-bulous Support Crew and staple of our Instagram feed:

Trevor – Barketing Manager


They essentially do nothing to help, but are awfully cute.

Jamaal – Director of Pawblic Relations

Hitched out.

Well, I think that’s it for round one. Let’s do this again some time.

If you like what you read, please follow us on Facebook and Insta-glam so we can keep you in the loop. And, most importantly, if there is something you’d like to read about, please let us know!

Until next time x

Credits: Header image by Luke Going Photography

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